As reported by Atrur Chilingarov, a Special Representative of the Russian President for International Co-operation in the Arctic and the Antarctic, at the Arctic Council Meeting, the volume of cargo shipped along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) is expected to break a record in 2017.

According to Mr. Chilingarov, the traffic from Yamal LNG Project and Novoportovsk Field has grown up to 7.2 mln tons exceeding the soviet-era volumes. “In the current year we are likely to surpass this record”, – he said, as quoted by Oil and Gas Information Agency with reference to TASS Russian News Agency.

Atrur Chilingarov specified in his report that in the first half of August daily traffic along the NSR had comprised over 100 Russian and oversea vessels.
Ice cover has considerably decreased as a result of climate changes, and this offers new opportunities for shipping on the NSR.



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