As reported by “Atomflot” company press service, “50 Let Pobedy” nuclear-powered icebreaker has set a new speed record on Mourmansk – the North Pole route, making the journey to the planet’s northmost point in 79 hours.

The trip commemorated the 40th anniversary of the first voyage to the North Pole made by “Arktika” icebreaker. Back in 1997 it covered the route in 176 hours.
According to Aleksey Smirnov, “Atomflot” Navigation Director, “50 Let Pobedy” has completed the 124th successful voyage to the North Pole ever made by surface vessels, including 111 Soviet and Russian ships.

In addition, its Captain Dmitry Lobusov has achieved a personal record reaching the North Pole as a ship master for the 24th time.



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