The mockup of “Ten” (“Shadow”) robotic system, a surface/underwater vehicle (USV/UUV), was presented at “Army-2017” international forum. This trimaran is designed to monitor remote maritime areas and to collect oceanic environmental and hydrophysical data.

As reported by portal with reference to TASS Russian News Agency, the vehicle is developed by the Main Research and Testing Robotics Center of Russia’s Defense Ministry (“Minoborony”). So far developers have examined the trimaran’s visual form and completed a theoretical feasibility study of its tactical and performance specifications.
According to Sergey Popov, head of “Minoborony” Main Research and Testing Robotics Center, the trimaran’s key features will be invisibility and quietness. “We focus on innovative research. The latest technologies of maritime robotic systems offer solutions for devices with a radically new design and unique properties”, he said.
The full displacement of “Ten” is expected to reach 140 tons, so it is intended for both surface and underwater sailing, even in confused seas. The trimaran will operate in an autonomous mode for about 90 full days and stay invisible due to a special technology of surface finishing.
A trimaran is a vessel with three parallel hulls connected to its top part. These vessels are known for high sailing performance and stability on water. As trimarans are equipped with floats, they can keep upon the sea even when flooded.



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