Valery Radayev, head of Saratov Region, visited Balakovo town and inspected “Voskhod” passenger motorship, which will shuttle along Saratov-Balakovo-Khvalynsk route.
In 2017 two motorships were procured for the region for the purposes of passenger shipping along the Volga river and relaunching hydrofoil vessels to run along tourist routes – “Voskhod” ship has already arrived in Balakovo, while “Meteor” is near completion of its regular overhaul in the city of Perm. According to the governor’s press service, by the end of next week both vessels will be technically ready for navigation.

Saratov Region is rich in water resources, which are an important part of its tourist potential. The annual number of cruise ship tourists is about 60 thousand people. By early 2017 the Region has entered TOP-10 popular directions of Russia’s cruise tourism. Moreover, the Region has big demand for internal water routes.

The Governor remarked that the he tourist season was drawing to a close. He instructed the Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with its investment company, to prepare a cost estimate of future tourist traffic.

During his visit to Balakovo, Valery Radayev among other things visited Balakovo Shipbuilding Plant. He had a meeting with the plant’s team, examined its production capacities and proposed to launch manufacture of high-speed river vessels.

In the Governor’s view, the current situation requires taking measures to upgrade the river fleet. Balakovo Plant should give a full load to its production facilities that were restarted in the recent years for manufacture of new river-sea vessels. This will enrich the fleet with high-efficiency vessels of a new generation



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