Russia’s Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East considers extending the free port status of Vladivostok city to Blagoveshensk town and checkpoints of Blagoveshensk District. This was declared on Tuesday by Sergey Kachayev, Deputy Minister.

According to Mr. Kachayev, development of a free-trade port in Blagoveshensk would be a part of further work to create a special legal regime in border areas. Both Both Blagoveshensk town and the whole Far East will benefit from this program.

In July 2015 the President of Russia signed a Federal Law “On the Free Port of Vladivostock”, which was enacted in October. In July 2016 Vanino District (Khabarovsk Area), Korsakov District (Sakhalin), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky town, Pevek town and Lazovsk District (Primorsky Territory) acquired the status of a free port . On July 1, this mode was extended to Ugelgorsk town of Sakhalin Region.

Aleksander Galushka, Minister for Development of the Russian Far East, has previously mentioned that he is planning to further expand the free-trade port area and to enhance its porto-franco mechanism. The Ministry has already submitted proposals to the Russian Government to establish a free-trade port mode in “Novy” (Khabarovsk) and “Elizovo” (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) international airports as well as in Sovetsko-Gavansky Municipal District.



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