By Autumn 2017 the authorities of North Ossetia-Alania plan to create a specialized service to oversee flood prevention in the region.

“Eto Kavkaz” portal on North Caucasus reports that sediment control works and inspection of bridges and dams will start in Autumn when rivers reach their lowest water level.

According to Taymuraz Touskayev, Chairman of North Ossetia Government, floods have already become a widespread problem. “There is a long-felt need for a specialized republican service to permanently deliver sediment control. It could focus on small rivers that may later on cause serious problems”, – he said.
Let us recall that this week a rainstorm has forced one district to declare a state of emergency.  Therefore, over 6 thousand people were left without electricity due to transmission towers which were washed away or without gas due to ruptured gas lines. Some residential areas were cut off from transport communications by flood-damaged bridges. Currently power supply and bridges in rural areas affected by heavy rains have been restored, while three settlements are still without gas.


As reported earlier, this year North Ossetia has allotted 253 mln Roubles from the federal budget to a target program entitled “Development of Waterworks in 2012−2020”.



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