As reported on Thursday, Nizhne-Bureysk Hydro Power Plant had an emergency caused by a discharge gate failure, which resulted in excessive water discharge. In response, the authorities introduced an emergency mode in Bureysk District of Amur Region.

In the morning of August 25 Aleksandr Kozlov, the Region’s Governor, cancelled the emergency mode. As quoted by portal, he said, “We have assessed the situation and decided to switch to the mode of increased preparedness. This ensures that we will be ready for a recurring emergency”.
Earlier Vladimir Gorshenin, deputy director of the power plant, made the following comment: “One of discharge gates was damaged. Now we are using the first gate, which causes excessive discharge. The site was flooded, but we have opened hatches, so water is flowing away”.
RusHydro public JSC noted that the recent discharge was not hazardous for downstream residential areas. The accepted discharge volumes from Nizhne-Bureysk power plant total 7.5 thousand cub. m, which threefold exceeds the current flow rate.
Nizhne-Bureysk power plant has five segment gates, which are designed to regulate the volume of wastewater flows from the dam pond. The left-bank support of shutter segment No. 1 was damaged during routine operations. It was decided to drain water down to 127 m waterline.
As of 15:00 local time on August 25 the situation at Nizhne-Bureysk power plant remained stable. Construction works are performed in a routine mode, and all technical systems had been checked. According to RusHydro press service, there is no threat to the population, the power plant’s equipment or its key facilities.
Nizhne-Bureysk Hydro Power Plant has been under construction by RusHydro since 2010. It forms a part of Bureysk Power Plant Cascade and regulates water discharge from the central Bureysk Power Plant. Nizhne-Bureysk facility is one of the biggest power plants in post-Soviet Russia.



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