As reported by Morvesti portal with reference to TASS news agency, a multirole ground effect vehicle (GEV) entitled “Chaika” will be created in Russia in 2020-2022. Ivan Antsev, an executive director of “Radar mms” research and industrial enterprise, stated that in his interview to TASS.

According to Mr. Antsev, developers are currently drafting design documents, working with simulation tools and finalizing details of control, piloting, navigation and radio-electronic systems. Scale models have already been tested. By his estimate, the GEV is likely to materialize in 2020-2022.
“The GEVs represent a fundamentally new and promising type of transport. They can approach unequipped coasts, fly over rough seas and carry large cargoes”, Mr. Antsev said.
“Chaika” is a ground effect vehicle with 54 tons displacement and a seating capacity of 100 passengers. Inside it will look like a plane and have a crew of two. “Chaika” will be about 35 meters long and carry a payload of nine tons. It is intended for carriage of passengers, special tasks of Ministry for Emergencies (EMERCOM), environmental monitoring and cargo transportation.



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