Scientists and engineers of Russia’s Shirshov Institute of Oceanography have completed successful tests of a new subsea robot on the Ladoga Lake. It is designed to monitor radiation situation in the Kara Sea.

This small-sized robot is intended for exploration and environmental studies, search and rescue operations as well as detection and examination of underwater objects. Also it is equipped with a manipulator, which can lift objects from seabed. According to Oil and Gas Information Agency, the robot can operate at the depth down to 300 m.
“Many sunken containers that are extremely hazardous for the environment still remain in the Kara Sea. They require permanent monitoring. Currently the Institute has completed testing a new-generation robot fitted with special-purpose gages”, Boris Rozman, Head of Shirshov Institute Video Equipment Laboratory, said, as quoted by Oil and Gas Information Agency.
Further on specialists of Shirshov Oceanography Institute plan to finalize the robot and launch a limited production line.



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