According to the press centre of Atomfot Federal State Unitary Enterprise, its Mourmansk Branch has completed a scheduled shipyard overhaul of “Vaygach” nuclear-powered icebreaker. The vessel’s condition currently meets all applicable standards, so it is prepared to efficiently and safely escort ships through the Northern Sea Route.

The overhaul started on June 17 and included removal of a rudder tailshaft and repairs of a propeller shaft deadwood bearing. Also the maintenance team replaced the stern tube seal, repaired sea valves and painted the vessel’s underbody.

Oleg Darbynyan, Head of Atomflot Fleet Technical Operations Department, reported that the overhaul had been completed on time. He mentioned that shipyard mechanics had once again demonstrated their proficiency and even developed a non-traditional technical solution compliant with relevant standards of the Maritime Register. Thereby they had managed to timely accomplish scheduled repairs.

Now, after this complete shipyard overhaul, “Vaygach” Icebreaker is ready to safely lead ships at high latitudes.



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