The world’s largest diesel icebreaker fleet FSUE “Rosmorport”, which includes 36 icebreakers of varying capacity, from the beginning of navigation 2017-2018. spent more than three thousand ships in the seaports of Russia.

Most of the vessels conducted in the Azov Sea. Since the beginning of winter navigation, their number has reached 1,656. Five icebreakers and three icebreaking tugs are navigating ships to the seaports of Azov, Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog and Yeisk.
Half the number of vessels in the Gulf of Finland. 14 icebreakers of the North-West basin branch are involved in the work at this site. Since the beginning of navigation, there have been icebreakers of 882 vessels.
In the Caspian Sea, icebreakers “Captain Chechkin”, “Captain Metzayk” and “Captain Bukaev” conduct wiring in the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya. Since the beginning of winter navigation, they have helped 351 ships.
In the Arctic basin, 80 ships were conducted, in the White Sea – 98 ships. In the Far Eastern Basin, 86 ships were sailing in the port of Vanino, and 62 vessels in the Magadan seaport.



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